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An update from Cameron

Cameron's thoughts on the big easel


written by: Cameron Cross

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Newspaper Articles

The Big Easel: The Wall Breakers


Winnipeg, Manitoba-based artist Cameron Cross's project "The Big Easel" consists of a series of steel easels measuring 25 meters (80 feet high) and weighing 17,000 kilograms (45,000 pounds aka 22.5 tons!).

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Brushing Out Poverty
International artist

Winnipeg artist and art educator Cameron Cross admits he s involved in numerous projects because he has a short attention span.

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Van Gogh to the Max
Written by: Susan White - The San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego, California, USA

The 37th day of our six-week trip across America turned out to be a day of nonstop beauty.

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Written by: Christine Kloostra - American Style Magazine, USA, International

Canadian artist Cameron Cross thinks big....

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Brightly Blazing Again
Written By: Neil Hickey - The Courier Mail , Brisbane, Australia, National

AFTER slaving for more than a month to paint a 10m long replica of one of Vincent van Gogh's most revered paintings, Canadian artist Cameron Cross omitted one small detail - his signature.

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59 Jaw Dropping Attractions
Written by: David LaHuta - Frommers Budget Travel Magazine - International

Part of an ongoing venture to reproduce all seven of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings......

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Writers Picks
Written by: Elizabeth Heather, New York Arts Magazine - International

This project is extremely innovative................

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Written by: Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, The Kansas City Star, Kansas, MO., USA

A giant-sized van Gogh reproduction rises from the Kansas

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A huge Vincent van Gogh reproduction is on display in Goodland, the "Sunflower Capital of Kansas"
Written by: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Kansas

It's probably a safe bet that Vincent van Gogh never heard of Goodland, Kansas. But......

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Artist Calls Upon Van Gogh's vision of Sunflowers
Written by: John Milburn - The Associated Press - International

A larger, brighter sunflower is preparing to sprout on the Kansas plains.......

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Waiting for Van Gogh; Goodland leaders hope art attracts I-70 travelers
Written by: Tim Unruh, The Salina Journal - Kansas, USA

Goodland - A Canadian painter plans a giant splash of color for these High Plains, reproducing a work of world-famous artist Vincent van Gogh.

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Canada 'Sunflower Capital' Has Another Claim to Fame
The Sunflower - USA National Magazine

The "Sunflower Capital of Canada" now lays claim to another title: home of the world's tallest painting on an easel.

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Reference Letters and Awards

Recommendation from Ford Bell - president of the American Museum Association


The American Association of Museums ("AAM") is a national body that regulates, promotes, and actively provides leadership for museums and arts organizations in their capacity as places of lifelong learning and inspiration.

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Yahoo Pick of the Day!
The Big Easel site is picked as Yahoo's site of the day.
4/28/2005 is picked by Yahoo as "Site of the Day" for April 28, 2005.

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A recommendation from the director of The Van Gogh Museum
John Leighton - Director of The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Mr. Cross's artwork is both a dramatic new creation and a monumental tribute to Van Gogh and his achievement. 'the easel' stands not just for Van Gogh but in a way as a landmark for The Netherlands.

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The Van Gogh Project wins International award
From The Department of Foreign Affairs and International trade

On behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada, I am happy to endorse the international Van Gogh Project.

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A message from the Mayor of Emerald, Australia
From The Office of The Mayor

Cameron has developed one of the most exciting and inventive tourism project ideas focused on developing tourism and economic development.

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Letter from the President of the Altona Chamber of Commerce
Remarks from the first easel location

"Mr. Cross presented his initial concept of a giant painting on an easel to the Altona & District Chamber of Commerce in March of 1997.

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Letter from The Executive Director - Goodland, Kansas Chamber of Commerce
The future site of the third easel

This project will result in attracting national, regional and international travelers into the community. More than six million people travel past Goodland, Kansas annually."""

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